1. Chapter 1 (1/2)




'new' del


looked around, amazed at how much del had changed over the past few

weeks. he was standing at the window looking over his kingdom. his

mother was sitting in her armchair, sewing. she turned and saw him at

the window.

lief heard her sigh, "what

ever is the matter dear? you have not seemed yourself these past few

weeks." she smiled at him. "do not worry yourself, mother, it is

just my life does not seem to be as full of happiness as it used to



of a sudden one of the maids came barging into the room, "hurry

there is trouble out in the streets!" she gasped, clearly out of

eath. lief grabbed his sword and ran outside. he paused to feel the

fresh autumn

eeze against his face.

as soon as lief 's eyes

adjusted to the

ight sun he saw his three best friends, apollo,

heath and matthias struggling with something. "what have you got?"

asked lief, sounding confused, "what is it?"

"it is a wild girl!"

exclaimed andrew excitedly, "come and see!" lief slowly walked

over, not knowing what to expect. when he saw he let out a single

word: "jasmine!" his friends stared.

"you know this freak?"

asked matthias finally said.


i do!" exclaimed lief, "and she is not a freak! jasmine, are you

alright?" jasmine appeared to have given up trying to escape.;

"just get me out of here lief, please." was all she


suddenly, before lief had

time to murder his friends, he heard the sound of running feet coming

towards him. he turned and saw barda, and the chief cook, coming

towards them carrying a stretcher. barda looked at jasmine, and then

at lief. " you got the message too?" he asked in surprise. "yes,

i did- these guys here, were terrorising jasmine." lief threw a