1. Chapter 1 (1/2)

let me exaplain something.

cosmo's father was turned into a fly by him when cosmo was little (assuming you all saw the episode). and since a fly's lifespan is usually 21 days or less, his dad died soon.

wanda's mother died in a godparenting accident long ago, when wanda was little. (that's based off my fanfic "fallen darkness", which i still need to finish )

they both loved their parents dearly, and miss them greatly.

go, fanfic, go!


if only the day wasn't so cloudy, but was just light enough not to pour down rain. if only the school day had been uncharacteristically boring, and seemingly dragged on longer than usual. if only the small things wouldn't seem to matter; maybe a

oken pencil tip during a test or the books spilling from a backpack wouldn't seem to make all happiness end in a heartbeat.

if only the day didn't seem so miserable.

shuffling feet beat on the sidewalk's cement, determining the end of unfortunate leaves with a satisfying crunch.

late fall

eezes turned nose and cheek pink on contact, making him shiver. at an early 4:30 of the afternoon, the sky had already taken to a pink on the horizon, quickly followed by a darker blue. if it wasn't for an undeserved detention, he would've been home before the nightfall. the boy huffed a cloud of hot air in anger. stupid crocker. why did he have to be stuck with a psychotic teacher like him?

he didn't even earn the detention on fair grounds! only because he wouldn't admit to owning a trio of magical flying creatures that no other human, besides fellow godkids, really knew about. how unfair.

even on the lonely trek home, there just didn't seem to be enough time to decipher his whirling thoughts, so why even try to begin?

cosmo and wanda had no troubles agreeing with him allowing them to stay home to tend to an overly-cranky poof. heaven knows why the child just couldn't stop crying and go to sleep after waking the two fairies and child up at 3 in the morning. fatigue: just another attribute to this wonderful day.

he sighed again, ignoring the horrible droplets starting to fall from the heavy sky.


if only the crying hadn't woken them around 3 in the morning. if only their child didn't need to be changed right after putting on a new diaper. if only poof didn't seem to need to be fed and rocked every hour, every minute, every second, every moment.

sighing, the woman laid the child down as he had finally fallen asleep for the first time since early that morning. both husband and wife could not understand how poof was able to keep up the charade of a cranky child for more than eight hours straight. despite how many times of being rocked, feedings, changings, or even trying to distract him with a toy, their baby just couldn't keep a grip of peace and quiet.

her husband flew from the window-side fishbowl, arms full of toys that make noise, and some just squishy and ready to cuddle. he placed them on their godchild's bed at the sight of their sleeping child in the floating crib. cosmo flew over to em

ace his wife. his arms circled around wanda, and she did the same around his waist, placing her head on his chest.

"sorry i had to leave you for a bit," cosmo whispered quietly, making them sway back and forth comfortingly.

"it's okay. we needed the groceries and stuff for the baby," wanda sighed, closing her eyes contently.

he nodded and rested his head on wanda's, sighing. he still couldn't help feel guilty leaving his poor wife to care for a whiny infant for nearly two hours as he ran around fairy world, even if it was to her request.

the bedroom door slammed open quickly, causing both fairies to jump in surprise, but soon calmed when they realized it was only their pink-clad godchild, who just so happened to be damp from hat to water-filled shoe. he threw his backpack and sopping wet hat to the nearest corner of the bedroom, ignoring the loud skid and rumbling of textbooks. yet, both fairies twitched at the sudden noise, but relaxed when it didn't seem to phase their sleeping charge. they swear, if they had to go through what they did since that morning all over again, especially so soon, they would have no troubles helping each other pull out their hair in frustration.

"i hate rainy days," timmy sulked dryly, not caring that his soaking clothes quickly wetted the sheets.

"i told you to wear a jacket. but you didn't listen to me, as usual." wanda claimed with some hint of irritation, waving her wand to dry the hat, backpack, and sheets while also poofing him in dry pajamas.

"shut up." timmy hissed, climbing under the covers. instead of the usual 'i-know-you're-right-so-leave-it-at-that' tone, his voice held some true venom in his demand, causing wanda and cosmo to wince.

"no need for the attitude, timmy. she did tell you to wear something in case of rain," cosmo fiddled with his tie, feeling a natural need to defend his wife against such remarks.

timmy's voice easily thickened with disdain, "if only i could care less…"

"timmy turner, do not be so disrepectful towards us! we were only trying to help you this morning. you were the one that decided not to listen this morning." wanda snapped, clearly disapproving of his attitude.

"well, i didn't even ask for your guys' help, so next time you can just leave me alone," timmy snapped back, snuggling deeper into the bed sheets.

"well, hehe, the irony is that you didn't ask us, but you're still blaming us," cosmo chuckled uncomfortably, upset by the oncoming argument.

"shut up, cosmo."

this simple command was enough to send wanda over the edge.

"well, master turner. we'll be sure to serve you better next time. of course, you do deserve better godparents than us. but until we can be replaced by more suitable fairies for your requests, we'll do our best to make you happy."

timmy groaned and sat up to face them with a scowl on his face.