1. Chapter 1 (1/2)

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it's been so long, fandom o'mine! goddammit writing with trimmed nails is annoying as fuck. yes i swear now, my shipful 13 year-old self is so dead. i burnt her body and made myself a good fire.

so yes, i'm kinda back in the pl fandom? i decided to do a decent story for once, neutral shipping-wise (or at least, not far from the canon ships, which are very scarce) and a bit more developed than my previous stories. please, don't bother reading them, they're so badly written i'm mildly ashamed :'c

don't expect much tho, i don't know if i can even carry a decent plot for my life. just enjoy this story where i try to

ing the puzzle family together. as in, the professor, luke, emmy, flora, and also have clive as well. he's a good character to work with, i'll try to mold him with utmost care.

just enjoy the prologue, and let's see where this takes us c: sadly, i still have some crucial points to polish, but i don't think the prologue will dwell too much into them because, you know, it's the damn prologue.

flora liked to consider herself a good woman. despite her faults as a human being, those faults no one could ever change no matter how much somebody tried to. to her, somebody could only change a certain percent of themselves, and that was it. sometimes, it was enough – sometimes, it just plain wasn't.

the young heiress knew very well the thin line between being stupid and being forgiving. sometimes, the limits were blurred in tears, confusion, or utter disappointment. she had faced these very situations where she was either terribly concerned about other people, others, scarcely often, beyond pissed. however, flora usually found herself being pitifully disappointed.

people, usually. like, it was usually people who disappointed her, made her build fake illusions and impressions. growing up with those backstabbing deceits and insecurities made her very aware of her surroundings, of the people who were around her, and that some people could – betraying what she thought before – hold ill intentions. being

ought up in a tall tower had its inconveniences. yes, it had good views on a lush landscape, and was incredibly good to avoid pestering tourism concerning a heiress.

no matter the good intentions of her father, she had been so alone. she had grown in a place so close to thunderstorms, and so isolated, yet supposed to believe she had company and that she couldn't meet the outside world. she was terrified: terrified of the outside world, terrified of meeting new people when all she had had was

uno and howling winds during

eezy nights.

being held in the top of a tower was deceiving, and not ideal if you asked her. but ask her: she possibly wouldn't have had it any other way. had she been a commoner, the professor wouldn't be there with her-

ah, well, he currently isn't with her. he wasn't with her very often, neither was he now for that matter. flora, age 24 and a blooming flower sometimes felt like despite having moved miles away from her home, felt like her ache and solace hadn't moved an inch from the bleak home of her tower. almost ten years had passed ever since she had been driven away from the robotic village, yet her dainty stance in life hadn't changed. she was still weak as she was right then, still passive and hidden in a massive crowd.

so there she was, reading that goddamn letter again with a single candle as her companion, long past sunset. she looked at the sentences pointedly, as if trying to decipher a hidden message, any puzzle to comprehend the meaning or reason behind the letter. flora grasped the sheet tight, frowning. had it all come to this?

the girl ran a hand through her face and sighed in frustration. things would never change if she didn't- if she just didn't-


the mentioned hummed absent-mindedly, still staring at the paper in her hand as if it held her whole life. her expression turned grim when she saw the undesired face of an offender staring at her through the window in front of her. well, he was not an offender, but he clearly was the closest thing to one. his antics were clearly not sane and someone, just someone had to explain that barging into her bedroom through the window was not the way to go on life.

she got up from her chair, which scraped the ground, titled and fell. she sure wasn't having none of his antics today, not with serious matters going through her head. the door flew open and there he stood, trench coat on and that scar on his forehead barely visible.

"clive, what the actual-"

"language, flora." he

eezed through the doorstep and rearranged his shirt. it was slightly wrinkled. "i reckon the professor taught you better words to greet a guest."

she was sure he referred to hershel as professor either out of respect or just to mock her. and yes, it wasn't in her to swear, but yes, she wasn't having the best of days. unneeded thoughts were rattling her head endlessly and clive was not going to help. he never helped unless it was with terrorism and general havoc. flora would never think otherwise. she still held her kind nature towards him, since being snarky and moody to him wouldn't help the situation.

however, he clearly didn't give a fuck about her so she wasn't really to blame if clive came across as a narcissistic ex-convict who had redeemed, sure, but still had a long way to go. specially with her.

"first of, you're not a guest, there was no previous warning of you coming by." which was fancy talk for: 'i don't want you here, but i'll put up with it'. flora put the letter back on its envelop. "and secondly, whatever business you have with the professor shall wait, he's out in one of his business he never tells me about."

clive rose an eye

ow. "i see."

if he was trying to play obvious or was being as emotionally dumb as usual, she didn't know. what was clear to her was that him being there or even existing in the same place as her drained her energy, so she cut to the chase.

"clive, what is it that you need?"

he tugged at his collar. flora welcomed the gesture, she was uncomfortable as well. "i was hoping to take you for a walk."

flora gave no meaningful reaction and minded her own business taking imaginary dust from nearby books, acting as meek as usual when the unexpected happened. "take me for a walk?" she sounded genuinely surprised for the first time.

"well, yes."

both looked out the window simultaneously and reached the same conclusion.

"it's dark, and it's raining cats and dogs outside, though."