1. Chapter 1 (1/2)


the other character in the narrative is 16 years old (in my story).

yes, it's a woman.

who is it?

read, just read!

reborn smiled sadly.

he had just arrived from his last job at tsuna's orders. in the mansion as always, maids keeping everything spotless, the chefs preparing

eakfast, the guardians preparing for their daily duties, mobsters in suits performing the most varied tasks, shoichi and spanner in their lab as always, but had not yet seen he still.

he didn't know where his student dame-tsuna was, who had a 10 am meeting with baka-dino. with all the habits he had gained from reborn's spartan training, he woke up early naturally, or rather, as a survival measure his body and mind adapted, usually between 5 and 7 am depending on the day of the week. however, it was already 8:30 and still did not show the face.

thinking of waking up like the good old days, vongola-style rose to his mansion room. it had been 4 years since tsuna formally decided to accept vongola decimo's cloak, a mess and chaos was to make it happen, but one way or another it happened.

now 18-year-old tsuna living in italy with his guardians and actively participating as a successor in family business and slowly making the transition from ninth to tenth generation. and doing its best to make the mafia a better place, less bloodshed, a place where children can enjoy their childhood without inhuman experiences, despite all the obstacles, the result in such a short time is incredible.

families naturally enchanted tsuna for his principled and characterful actions, even though they were in a horrible world like the mafia did not let it shape him and always retaining their essence, various blood enemies became allies during the years tsuna actively participated. from vongola. slowly, vongola from the inside out, their allied families and progressively the whole mafia is undergoing a change. all thanks to a former civilian who holds the greatest power of all families. especially the new generation, it is drawing inspiration from vongola tenth and its guardians with their rapidly increasing fame, becoming a leader and role model for everyone.

reborn is proud of his student, although he doesn't say it out loud often. one look is all he needed to convey this and every once in a while it didn't hurt a compliment. lie, it does hurt.

finally coming to his room and kicking the door to wake his pathetic student and torture a little. pouring water in the face, maybe firing a shower of bullets, waking up using the defi

illators, using your good old leon hammer on him. the possibilities were various.

however, to reborn's surprise the scenario ahead made him perplexed. he did not expect the reality before him, his mind wanted to uncover it and not process this information.

in the bedroom, on a huge king-size bed is tsuna wrapped in a white blanket with her sleeping upper body naked and with a somewhat relaxed expression. but what caused the chaos in reborn's

ain was that tsuna is hugging someone in bed. and that person is…yuni!


the ex-arcobaleno sky!

the boss of the arcobaleno!

fucking world!

how did this happen? how is tsuna sleeping with yuni? how did nobody notice? reborn didn't notice or know anything that pointed this out, a kiss on the lips or longer on the cheek, blushing each other, love letters, messages, gifts, missing at night and if gamma somehow suspected this case, obviously he would know. but somehow supernaturally, tsuna is sleeping with her arms around yuni who had a… affectionate smile on her face… what the fuck is that?

and how was yuni at vongola mansion? he knows no one came to visit anyone yesterday and tsuna has just arrived from a 7 day trip.

reborn's doubts and uncertainties only accumulate more by the second as he tries to come up with a logical and reasonable explanation for this. resolving to question the two, he picks up two cushions from the couch and throws them in the face with murderous intent (certain habits never die).

tsuna opened her eyes and as fast as lightning grabbing the two pillows, while her orange eyes showed caution looking for any threat ahead. until it stopped at a 6-year-old in a black suit and a fedora popping an orange ribbon around it, holding a green chameleon in his right hand. his expression didn't betray his thoughts, with all the hell he spent with reborn he knew how to control himself.

'hhhhhhhhhiiieeeeeee 'chaos unraveled in his mind wondering how it happened, how reborn came in, why he came in first, and what he would have to explain about this peculiar situation.

after all what was the tenth vongola of the mafia's largest family and the current boss of giglio nero, the former sky arcobaleno, were having an affair. this news within seconds of escaping this room would shape rumors and everyone would know in less than an hour and no doubt the chaos would come.

reborn didn't want to imagine it now, it would probably take some time for everything to settle in and between the two families.

an innocent yuni opened her eye "~ tsuna?" tsuna was standing in bed with only a pair of shorts on, thank god he had something. his eyes glowed orange, just as baptized by yamamoto takeshi, the mode boss's, meaning some serious situation.

sitting lazily and looking at the lover who was… pale and white? she followed his line of sight until he found the reason. yuni was stunned and unsure how to react, sat up hurriedly, grabbed her blanket and pulled against her chest trying to get a word.

"o-oji-sama," he whispered, but reborn listened. "yuni, dame-tsuna, you better explain what's going on!"

yuni and tsuna exchanged terrified looks wondering exactly how to count until they were interrupted by a click of a gun. the biggest killer in the world is very angry with his niece and his student "speak now!"

"yuni and i are dating" the tenth vongola miserably responds to her tutor's terror, after all her reborn traumas haven't left yet, even worse the angry killer.

reborn's mind shut down and back trying to connect the dots as and where it happened. but you have an even more important question to ask, "how long?" he growled at both of them.

yuni whispered with her body behind the cover, just dressed in a white tsuna dress shirt covering her... "6… 6 months" she's probably… reborn didn't want to think about that, not right now.

"are you dating a half year?" was much more of a thought than a question. like in 6 months he didn't realize it, there should be some sign of it somewhere, a kiss, a hug, a letter, a long meeting, some of them fading, tsuna having some reaction, yuni blushing at some point with him, but nothing! how did they do it? in reality how were they here without anyone noticing? how did gama not notice that her princess had disappeared from her mansion and how none of the other guardians seem not to know it?

reborn was secretly proud of his student for this achievement. not that he would admit it.

"explain, how it started, how you are here and how no one noticed your relationship." reborn kept the gun aimed at tsuna, he was not going to point at his niece.

"it started at 6 months in the annual family party" reborn remembered this party, tsuna led her as head of the family, everyone was there, his guardians, arcobalenos (yes, everyone, even verde decided to go, somehow he would have fun for his experiments and could enjoy a good conversation with shoichi and spanner), cedef, dino and his family, byakuran and his guardians, was not just limited to his family, but whom tsuna recognized as a friend and somehow the marshmallow. entered this classification.

even varia who does not obey anyone appeared and began to respect tsuna after he officially accepted his post.

that was an interesting story that no one knows the answer to. from one moment to the next, the relationship of tsuna and xanxus who were enemies to allies in the same family evolved into legitimate uncle and nephew. everyone was surprised when tsuna suddenly called xanxus zio(uncle) and the other just accepted, not throwing drinks or throwing bullets at him, but kept the trash.

curious reborn once asked tsuna, the answer was somewhat intriguing "no big deal" but his expression held that when something big happened, something big and complex that somehow tsuna and xanxus were together in this situation that strengthened their ties.

and finally, giglio nero, reborn recalls that yuni went along with gamma and other guardians. but he does not remember at some point that tsuna disappeared and yuni at the same time… until reflection came to mind and connected the dots.

obviously, this set of people could not stay calm and without

eaking anything for long, incredibly lasted 4 hours without something happening. but when a minor incident occurred, it was gokudera hayato arguing with squalo for something frivolous and chaos

oke out. reborn happily stepped into that mess of drinks, flames and bullets flying back and forth. at that moment, he knew who wasn't fighting and among them, there were tsuna and yuni. probably at that time.

reborn mentally felt disappointed in himself, he always knew when something big happened to tsuna, his boss, his sky.

was reborn even more curious how they managed to hide their relationship and how yuni was in this mansion without anyone knowing? how did gamma not know that?

"how are you here? does gamma know this? does anyone know that?" reborn asked looking deep into their eyes. "nobody. you're the first. "tsuna sat on the bed.

"about how yuni is here is simple, i picked her up yesterday" tsuna casually said.

reborn narrowed his eyes and realized his student continued "we were two weeks without seeing each other and when i came back and realized that we were both in the same city i went to get her" yuni moved to tsuna's side dragging the blanket along, blushing slightly.

yuni was 16, over time the childish curves she had lost, her body slowly gained refined and temperate curves with training (yes, it was reborn), her long hair reaches half of her back, her bust grew considerably. making her attractive to several suitors who sent her marriage proposals and her buttocks gained new proportions making her a beautiful and sensual woman.

she turned into a beautiful woman just like luce, her grandmother, and aria, her mother.

wait, tsuna escaped without anyone noticing?

"did you leave the mansion and fly to her and come back without anyone noticing?" there was a tone of excitement and disbelief simultaneously. tsuna nodded her head.

reborn had to score points for his student, that was an incredible feat, and even though he didn't want to admit it, the world's greatest killer didn't realize his unofficial travels to the arcobaleno princess. no doubt this was not the first time, meaning no one in all of vongola noticed their boss disappearing. now there were certain guardians and guards to train in hell for not noticing him disappearing.

but the most important question "how did you hide your relationship so far?" tsuna and yuni exchanged a look and smiled "we didn't hide" the both say.

h? it makes no sense. if not, there should be some sign at some point of living together. unless no one considered the possibility of a romantic relationship between them and simply ignored when they were alone.