1. Chapter 1 (1/1)

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i do love you

i have never seen a face as beautiful as yours. so soft and gentle. all i want to do is feel it. but i can't. why? why can't i tell you? i love you. i just want to say it to your face. but, what will you think? will you accept? or not? i love you, yuki. i want to tell you that.

every fight. every word i say. i don't mean it. i don't know why... i can't help it. i never wanted to try to hurt your beautiful face. i never did. but for some reason, i always tried to. is this how i show love? through hatred? how disgusting of me. i hate myself for that. you're not the only one who hates me..

what do i say? how do i say it? why can't i? why not... i try so hard, but only hatred comes out of my mouth. nothing more, just hatred. a truly disgusting word. but that's what my life is full of. why must i blame it on you? it's not your fault. you did nothing. was i jealous?

i love you so much. i want you to know, and to feel the same way. i want to put my arms around your delicate shoulder and hold you, just hold you in my arms. to kiss your pale lips. to touch your soft cheek. to look into your amethyst eyes with passion, not hate.

i want you to understand, to hear me out. i love you. even if you don't return that love, i will always love you, in no matter what way i show it. you are the most important thing to me, yuki. i want you to know that.

that's all i really want.

hmmm... maybe i will make a second chapter of yuki pov? sounds good, ne?. just tell me, okay?

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